Kids + Pets at Weddings

Kids + Pets at Weddings: Adding a Touch of Playfulness and Love

“Never work with kids or animals” they say. Why not? I love kids and animals!

Weddings are joyous occasions, filled with love and laughter,ย  and couples are increasingly choosing to include children and pets (most commonly dogs) in their special day, to ensure ALL their loved ones are celebrating with them. Especially if they are yours!

When it comes to adorable wedding participants, kids and pets often take the spotlight as Best Man (or Best Boy, or Best Girl!), Flower Girls, Page Boys, or Ring Bearers, bringing an element of innocence, playfulness, and magic to the ceremony.

2 flowergirls in white talking together on a cream couch at wedding venue
Photo: Anitra Wells Weddings
Flower Girls/Persons

Flower girls, often leading the way down the aisle, instantly steal hearts and win smiles. Traditionally, young girls scatter flower petals along the aisle, symbolising the pathway to new beginnings, their innocence and youthful charm creating an unforgettable moment at the start of the ceremony.
Of course, this role can also be switched up to a Flower-Boy, Flower-Man, Flower-Lady, Flower-Nanna, Flower-Dog or any other participant that suits your vibe!

4 flowergirls dressed in white walking down the aisle at wedding
Photo: Holly Osbourne Photography
Kids and pets at weddings. White fluffy dog in black suit and brown dog in white dress at wedding
Page Boys

Page boys traditionally accompany the bride down the aisle, and often hold a long veil or train at the back so it doesn’t drag along the ground. These days though, the normally young boys, usually walk hand-in-hand with the flower girls, for that “aww” factor, otherwise they can also double up as Flower boy or ringbearer ๐Ÿ™‚

Kids + Pets at Weddings
Image by Journey By Light Photography
Kids + Pets at weddings
Image by Soulflare weddings
Ring Bearers

Ring bearers take on a special responsibility as they generally carry the wedding rings down the aisle. They typically dress in miniature suits or outfits that match the theme, and can often be presented as the โ€œsecurityโ€ detail on the day. Of course this role can also be given to any guest present at the wedding, regardless of age or gender ๐Ÿ™‚

Little boy in suit opening ring box as ring bearer at wedding
Image by Motta Weddings
3 young boys dressed in suits and walking down the aisle as ring security at wedding
Image via Etsy
Older Children

In addition to traditional roles for kids at weddings, older children can also make meaningful contributions by reciting a poem or reading, holding the bride’s bouquet, or distributing flower petals for guests to toss during the conclusion of the ceremony. Just let me know during our planning meeting if you’re interested, and we’ll collaborate to find the ideal role for them!

Kids and pets at weddings. Three white fluffy dogs and flowergirl in pink standing with bride and groom
Image by Genelle Immerse Photography
Dogs (or any other pet)

For couples who adore their fur babies, having a dog in the wedding can be an beautiful inclusion. Dogs as ring bearers, flower girls, best boys, or honorary guests, create heart-melting moments and complete any family photos!
While they may not understand the formalities of the event, they understand they are being included, and their presence provides comfort and joy to their owners.
It is important, however, to prepare pets well in advance, to ensure a stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Groom pats his cream coloured dog during the wedding ceremony
Image: Motta Weddings
Pet dog offering her paw to bride during marriage ceremony
Image: Ali Bailey
Tips for Including Kids and Pets in Wedding Ceremonies:
  • Communication and clarity with parents and pet owners: Make sure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.
  • Include the kids in the planning process. Let them wear their outfit in the lead up to the day, or hold the rings etc.
  • Rehearse: Practice with the children and pets leading up to the big day to familiarise them with their roles and the venue. This helps minimize unexpected surprises. Though I recommend that you should always expect the unexpected wherever kids or pets are involved – especially if under five!
  • Choose age-appropriate tasks: Consider the abilities and temperament of the children and dogs involved and assign tasks accordingly.
  • Take precautions: Ensure the safety and comfort of the children and pets by providing suitable clothing, toys, and treats.
  • Consider hiring and event nanny, or pet sitter and can highly recommend the following businesses!

For human children
Event Nannies

For Fur children
The Wedding Sitter
Formal Dogs
I Do Paws

kids and pets at weddings. Bride and groom kiss while holding their little white dog in a back doggy suit at wedding
Image: Duuet Wedding Photography
kids and pets at weddings. Bride +Groom holding baby girl during wedding ceremony
Image: Ali Bailey
A Magical Inclusion

The inclusion of kids and Pets in weddings brings an element of purity, joy, and unconditional love to the ceremony. Their presence not only warms the hearts of the couple but also the guests, leaving behind cherished memories.

With proper preparation and guidance, kids and dogs can contribute to a fun and unforgettable wedding experience. So celebrate your love by making your special day even more magical!

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