Ceremony Entrances – Know your options!

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Ceremony entrances, most commonly referred to as the processional, are one of the most highly anticipated moments of every wedding, and these days, you have more choices than ever!

Whether you’re a traditional couple, or an unconventional one, there’s a ceremony entrance to suit your style, and I have listed my Top 10 processional options here!

1. The Traditional Couple

One person waits at the front whilst the other makes their way down the aisle on the arm of their father.

Alternative A: You can also walk down the aisle with your mother, or both parents, step parents, a sibling, uncle, aunt, grandparent, children, dog, best friend or anyone else for that matter!

Alternative B: BOTH parties can walk down the aisle separately, each to their own song (think of the options!) They can also both be accompanied by their mum, dad, sibling, grandparent, child, pet, etc.

Garden Ceremony Entrances with Melbourne Celebrant Meriki

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2. The Independent Couple

One person waits at the front and the other enters solo – and totally OWNS that entrance!

Alternative A: Same as above, but then the couple can meet half way to walk hand in hand together to the front.

Alternative B: The couple can each walk in solo one after the other. They can even scrap the aisle idea completely and instead walk down opposite sides of their guests to meet at the front.

Celebrity Wedding Celebrant Melbourne Meriki Comito

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3. The Blended Family Couple

One person waits at the front and the other walks down the aisle with their father AND step father on each arm!

Alternative: The bride/groom enters the ceremony space with their step father, then changes over to their birth father half way (say at the end of the seating) to approach the front together. Or Vise Versa f course!

4. The Inclusive Couple

The couple include their guests in the processional

Option A: Guests are provided with single flowers upon arrival, so that as one, or both parties make their way down the aisle, the flowers are collected to form the wedding bouquet(s).ย 

Option B: One, or both parties would like guests to sing, cheer + clap, or high five them as they walk down the aisle.

Creative Melbourne Celebrant Meriki Comito

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5. The Sharing-is-Caring Couple

The couple enters the ceremony space hand in hand, enjoying the moment together.

Alternative: No alternative for the couple really, but they might like to have their wedding party attendants walk in two by two as well, if they’re having any!

6. The Party Couple

A great alternative for cocktail style weddings, where the guests arrive early for drinks before the ceremony starts! The couple don’t want to miss a single opportunity to party with their guests, so they choose to arrive at the same time to kick off celebrations with a drink before official proceedings commence.

Same Sex Melbourne Wedding Celebrant Meriki Comito

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7. The Surprise Couple

Family and friends are invited to an engagement party, where one or both parties slip away for a quick costume change, if required, before a big surprise wedding is announced!

8. The Boss Couple

The couple enter the ceremony space together first, with guests following behind them.

Option: The couple can be lead by a musician, say a bagpiper, drummer or violinist.

Cultural Weddings with Melbourne Celebrant Meriki Comito

Photo by Christophe Viseux

9. The Entertaining Couple

The couple enter the ceremony in a semi choreographed dance routine with all their wedding attendants.

Option: Guests join in too….and the celebrant as well if they want. Just saying.

10. The Free-Spirited Couple

The couple chooses an entrance that’s totally their own style just for fun, because they can. They may want clapping and cheering, bells rung, whistles blown, drums played, flags waved, or songs sung. They may even want to arrive via parachute, on a Harley Davidson, a horse or a camel! And to any style of music that makes them happy.

Laid Back Melbourne Celebrant Meriki Comito

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As I tell every couple I meet, you can arrive at your wedding ceremony anyway you choose.
It’s your day, so go for it.
Choose your own entrance, be excited about it, and start your celebration off exactly how you want the rest of the day to go!


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