Covid Safe Weddings

As with all businesses operating under the current COVID-19 climate, it is more important than ever to adhere to current Government Restrictions, to ensure the safety of ourselves and that of your guests. Following my completion of infection prevention and control training, I have implemented some COVID Safe changes to my service, to reduce the risk of community transmission, and to ensure you are declared married in the safest way possible.

If your ceremony is being held at a private venue, I will take measures to ensure the venue has implemented a COVID safe plan that meets Government requirements.

In addition to the new safety services outlined below, I will also provide friendly reminders, before, during and after your ceremony, regarding the COVID safe DHHS recommendations, as these will help to keep everyone stay safe and ensure your ceremony runs as smooth as possible.

Business name: Meriki Comito Celebrant

Plan completed by: Meriki Comito

Date reviewed: 27th October 2020


For small weddings in a public space, I will check and record the temperature of all guests.

For larger weddings at a registered venue, I will check and record the temperature of the marrying couple, their two official witnesses, all bridal party members and any guests who may be directly involved in the ceremony.


For contact tracing purposes at small weddings in a public space, I will provide an attendance register that will require all ceremony attendees to complete and sign. Hand sanitiser and a sanitised pen will be provided, otherwise you are welcome to use your own.

For larger weddings at a registered venue, it is expected that the venue will take responsibility of keeping a record of all attendees, though I will still record the details of the marrying couple, their two official witnesses and any attendees who may be directly involved in the ceremony.


I will take steps to ensure the 1.5 metre physical distancing rule is adhered to.

I will recommend that all attendees greet one another with a smile or a wave, and refrain from shaking hands, hugging or kissing and will remind guests during a pre-ceremony announcement to keep their distance if standing, or ensure seating is pre-measured and erected within the required social distancing setting.


I will arrive to the ceremony wearing a plain, unbranded facemask, which I will remove for the duration of the ceremony, to ensure legal wording is heard clearly, as permitted under the current restrictions.

The marrying couple are also permitted to remove face masks for the duration of the period, but must reapply them as soon as the ceremony has concluded.

Witnesses, and any other guests or suppliers, are NOT permitted to remove their masks at any time.


I will ensure all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized, prior to the commencement of every ceremony.

This relates to the wiping down and disinfecting of the signing table + pen, if applicable, microphones, and PA System connection cords + adaptors.


Hand sanitizer will be provided upon arrival for the couple and any attendee using my microphone  and will be located on the signing table for the couple and their witnesses prior to signing the marriage register documents. You are welcome to bring and use your own pen if preferred.

I will encourage the regular use of hand sanitizer for the duration of my attendance at the ceremony.


My service includes a wireless microphone as standard for couples to recite their vows, and for guests who have been asked to perform a reading.

This microphone is sanitised prior to every ceremony using specialised disinfectant and antibacterial wipes, and then again at the end of the event.

I will be using my own microphone headset for the duration of the ceremony.


To ensure the wellbeing of every attendee at your wedding, please firstly consider sending a group message in the lead up to your day, to remind guests the importance of staying home and getting tested if they are feeling unwell, or have any of the flu-like COVID-19 symptoms.

Live streams of weddings are now possible through the wonders of technology, so any unwell guests can still enjoy the event from the safety of their home!

If an attendee shows signs of being unwell during a ceremony, I will recommend that they leave immediately to be tested and then self-isolate until test results have been received.

I will also recommend that any attendees who have been in close contact with the unwell person, also leave immediately to be tested and then self-isolate until test results have been received.

The following symptoms would be considered signs of being unwell;

Mild symptoms: fever; dry cough; tiredness

Less common symptoms: aches + pains; sore throat; diarrhoea; conjunctivitis; headache; loss of taste or smell; a rash on skin; or discolouration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath; chest pain or pressure; loss of speech or movement.

Likewise, in the event that I myself am feeling unwell, I will get tested immediately and will self isolate  until I have received a negative result.
Please be reassured that if I am unable to attend your wedding due to needing to self isolate, I have a network of highly proficient celebrant colleagues that I can call on to replace me on the day.


This pandemic has demonstrated that no one is safe until everyone is safe, but if we all work together to adhere to Government Health guidelines, we can ensure the safety of our lives and the lives of those we love.