Life Celebrations & Memorials

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A life should be celebrated.

And Life Celebrations are exactly that, an event designed to reflect and celebrate the life of your family member or loved one.

It is an opportunity for family & friends to come together in honour of the person whose life is being celebrated and to give recognition of a person who is well loved by family & friends.

Life Celebrations should display a positive focus on your loved one’s life, usually including individual, personalised tributes honouring the “life that was theirs” and should provide family and friends with an event to be remembered in the future with great warmth.

Extra elements you might like to consider for the Life Celebration of your loved one may include the following;

  • Music
  • Readings
  • Memorial Table used to display photos, or favourite/ meaningful items
  • Slideshow/ Video Presentations
  • Symbolic gestures

To help you to plan a Life Celebration, I have listed below, the elements/components that this kind of ceremony usually contains. These, however, need only be used as a guide and can be changed to suit your needs and expectations.

Prelude/ Opening Music

A favourite song of the loved one, or some music that best reflects your loved ones life, or music preferences.

Welcome/ Opening Words

The Celebrant welcomes everyone present, introduces the meaning of the gathering and sets the tone for the service.


Some words shared by a close friend or member of the family.

Honour and remember the person who has passed

Tributes, eulogies, reflections and personal remarks and/or stories from the celebrant, family and friends.


This time can be accompanied by slideshows/video footage of moments from the loved one’s life, or simply be a moment for personal, quiet reflection.

Symbolic gestures

An extra element to provide family and friends with a more lasting reminder of your loved ones life.

  • Dove/ butterfly/ balloon release, to symbolise the release of the loved ones spirit or soul and to signify their departure from our world.
  • Tree planting/ plantable seed cards to provide a constant reminder of the times shared with your loved one.
  • Cards of remembrance, where guests can write their favourite memory of your loved one on a card which can
    be placed in a box and read by the immediate family members at a later time.
  • Guest book, where guests can write their personal messages to the loved one, or to immediate family members.
  • Memorial candle
Words of comfort & inspiration for the living/ Toast

A blessing, words of comfort, or wishes for the future, to the deceased’s family and friends.
A toast in memory of your loved one.

Closing words

On behalf of the hosts, the celebrant thanks everyone for their attendance and provides any other further information if required.

Closing Music 

This could be your loved ones favourite song or favourite style of music they liked to sing, or listen to.