Chloe + Mahmoud’s Gardens House Wedding

Gardens House Weddings with Melbourne Marriage Celebrant Meriki Comito

First meeting at Phuket airport, Mahmoud tells me he was instantly mesmerised by Chloe’s beauty. He had just shared a laugh and a hug with one of his friends, when he turned around to see Chloe standing there in the customs line behind him, so he promptly broke into a huge smile and asked her… Read more.

Published: 15/02/19

Ceremony Entrances – Know your options!

Feature photo by Ben Swinnerton Ceremony entrances, or processionals, are one of the most highly anticipated moments of every wedding, but these days, you have more choices than ever! Whether you’re a traditional couple, or an unconventional one, there’s a ceremony entrance to suit your style, and I have listed my Top 10 processional options… Read more.

Published: 23/08/18

Do I need a Wedding Video?

Wedding Video

Discussing wedding suppliers with my couples is always an exciting time for me, as I get to find out who I’ll be working with in the coming months, and can assist couples by recommending all the fabulous industry legends I have come to know and highly respect, based on the excellent quality and standards I… Read more.

Published: 19/07/18

Rain on Your Wedding Day – Do you have a plan B?

Melbourne Celebrants

Feature Image by Ben Swinnerton  Nothing sets off the fear in many a brides heart more than the thought of rain on their wedding day. But I’m a firm believer that as long as you have a “Plan B”, you can rest easy that it will still be a perfect day. The first point of… Read more.

Published: 26/06/18

Ellen + Lachy’s Yarra Valley Wedding

Melbourne Wedding Celebrants

First meeting at ‘Electric Lady Land’ on Chapel Street, Lachy thought Ellen looked hot and seemed fun to talk to. Ellen found Lachy to be kind of quiet, but she liked the way he ran his fingers through is hair, so after discovering a mutual appreciation of good food & wine, they bonded over the… Read more.

Published: 16/04/18

My Top 10 Most Asked Questions!

Torquay Weddings with Marriage Celebrant Melbourne Meriki Comito

“I’ve never done this before, so I have no idea where to start” Every new couple I meet with, even those who have been married previously, have questions regarding the marriage ceremony and what they need to factor into their planning, and every couple I have “worked” with, will know that I take at least 15-20 minutes… Read more.

Published: 12/07/17

Kate + Lars’ Chateau Doré Wedding

Kate and Lars’ first meeting in Spain was one of those real ‘sliding door’ moments in life, when Kate stopped in Spain at the beginning of a 12 month world trip to join a Spanish language class, and met Lars a few days into her extended stay. Kate thought Lars looked like a school boy… Read more.

Published: 29/05/17

Stephen & Leigh’s Colourful Winery Wedding

When Stephen first laid eyes on Leigh at a friend’s BBQ about four years ago, he thought she was way out of his league, but went on to impress her with his polite nature and perfect manners, so the pair soon struck up a friendship, bonding over a mutual love of movies, cocktails, ‘phat’ beats… Read more.

Published: 25/05/16

Sharmaine & David’s Luminare Wedding

When I asked David and Sharmaine what marriage meant to them, they recited a quote, found via their awesome photographer, Jonathan Ong, that struck a real chord with them. It read, “love is a friendship set on fire – a combination of everyday life and magic bundled into one. Love has the unique ability to… Read more.

Published: 23/01/16

Sarah & Tysons’s Amazing Rustic Wedding

Sarah & Tyson met whilst they were working as extras on a Bollywood movie set and clicked immediately, but spent their first few dates as self-appointed wing men when Sarah’s sister & Tyson’s brother developed an interest in one another. A fabulous friendship soon developed into something more serious, with Tyson & Sarah deciding to… Read more.

Published: 25/08/15

Tran and Damon’s Grand Hyatt Wedding

Tran and Damon connected quite randomly online one lazy Sunday afternoon about three years ago, and within two days, they were having their first meeting over dinner. Tran loved Damon’s patient & calm manner, and Damon loved Tran’s energy & confidence, so not long after, Tran very considerately helped Damon pick out her engagement ring,… Read more.

Published: 25/06/15

Jacqui & Corey’s Sorrento Wedding

Corey was introduced to Jacqui during a night out with mutual friends and after sharing some fun banter, he thought he’d impress her with his awesome dance moves.  Jacqui was immediately drawn to his sense of fun & amazing blue eyes and they ended the evening enjoying their first unofficial date together, when they went… Read more.

Published: 01/06/15

Seryn & Stuart’s Emu Bottom Homestead Wedding

When Seryn’s busy life saw her give internet dating a try a few years ago, she was hoping to find someone who was down to earth and who possessed good manners.  When Stuart was first introduced to Seryn’s smiling face, he thought there was a chance she could be a little too high maintenance due… Read more.

Published: 22/03/15

Amy & Jacob’s Tatra Wedding

Jacob was first introduced to Amy at a St Patrick’s Day celebration over 10 years ago and although he thought she was “The most adorable thing I’ve ever seen”, assumed that she was way too stylish for him and his beer shirts. But on Friday afternoon, in the beautiful Tatra Receptions chapel, Jacob stood before… Read more.

Published: 22/01/15

Stef & Todd’s NGV Wedding

Stef & Todd married within the incredibly stylish Grollo Equiset gardens at the National Gallery of Victoria on a perfect Spring day. We were off to a terrific start when, before Stef had even arrived, her mother handed out traditional Panama hats for all the guests to wear during the ceremony – a gift from… Read more.

Published: 09/11/14

Belinda & Paul’s Labassa Wedding

A perfect sunny Winter’s day, a magnificent 19th century heritage listed mansion, an exceptional string trio, a gathering of extremely festive guests and a beautiful bride & groom who both declared how lucky they were that circumstances and fate allowed them to meet. Perfection x In the presence of their nearest & dearest, Belinda revealed… Read more.

Published: 09/10/14

Erin & Steve’s Clyde Park Vineyard Wedding

“Erin and Steve, in your words, marriage represents a public declaration of the incredible love you share. It means formalising the commitment you had already made to each other a long time ago and creating an official family unit where, from this day on, you will all finally share the same surname!” After over 10… Read more.

Published: 05/10/14

Jade & Josh’s Zonzo Winery Wedding

When they were both only 16 years old, Josh would walk Jade to the train station after school every day, where Jade would miss the first train on purpose, just so they would have an extra 15 minutes together before the next one arrived. And in March this year, nearly 10 years later, in the… Read more.

Published: 10/09/14

Julia & Craig’s Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden Wedding

Elegant, composed & simply beautiful, Julia waited at the top of the hill as I came to greet her before the start of the ceremony in the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden. “Don’t say anything nice to me or I’ll start crying again!” she warned me, but as she made her way down the aisle to… Read more.

Published: 31/07/14

Peta & Shane’s Melbourne Town Hall Wedding

“This is the hottest day EVER” exclaimed Peta as she made her way toward the Portico Room entrance at the Melbourne Town Hall back in February, but she was like a breath of fresh air when she stepped out onto the balcony, pausing for a moment as guests rose from their seats in her honour,… Read more.

Published: 09/07/14

Min & Kristian’s Melbourne Trunk Bar Wedding

“Aside from the fact that Min & Kristian share many of the same values and morals in life, that they are extremely like minded, creative and seriously easy going, they are soul mates. Two free spirits who operate together and work better as a team than they ever have as individuals”. These two beautiful and… Read more.

Published: 02/07/14

Ali & Dan’s Tatra Wedding

Ali & Dan were married in one of my most favourite chapels on Mt Dandenong. Surrounded by the breathtaking rainforest, eager guests arrived early and had soon filled the chapel to the brim before greeting the groom with cheers and applause as he made his way to the front. Ali (one of the most excited… Read more.

Published: 18/06/14

Hoa & David’s Melbourne Museum Wedding

Hoa & David were married in spectacular style at one of the most visually stunning wedding venues! And after all the traditional Chinese customs were celebrated in the morning, Hoa made her way down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in a stunning Karen Willis Holmes gown, ensuring the groom’s attendants were kept very busy handing… Read more.

Published: 10/06/14

Gabrielle & Lloyd’s Great Provider Wedding

 Gabrielle & Lloyd married at The Great Provider in St Kilda last November, in the presence of delighted family members who had literally only met each other three days earlier! Thankful for a perfect & cosy undercover option at the venue, we were treated to a wonderful rendition of “A Wedding Prayer” by one of… Read more.

Published: 29/05/14

Karen & Travis’s Melbourne Zoo Wedding

“We are all a little weird and life’s weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love” This Dr. Seuss quote was written on the card Karen gave to Travis on their first Valentines Day together almost 5… Read more.

Published: 05/05/14

Candice & Jonathan’s Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding

Stones of the Yarra Valley Weddings with Melbourne Celebrant Meriki Comito

Candice and Jonathan first met over 10 years ago when they shared a teenage holiday romance during a trip to Hamilton Island with their families. And after proposing during a trip to Hawaii, Jonathan married his beautiful Candice in spectacular style at the stunning Stones of the Yarra Valley in September last year.  After the… Read more.

Published: 11/04/14

A Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne

Welcome to my blog! I have to admit that I was initially quite averse to the idea of blogging, mainly because I naively didn’t think anyone actually read them and wasn’t sure I’d actually have the time to update mine on a regular basis even if they did, but I have since discovered that the… Read more.

Published: 27/03/14