Rain on Your Wedding Day – Do you have a plan B?

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Nothing sets off the fear in many a brides heart more than the thought of rain on their wedding day.
But I’m a firm believer that as long as you have a “Plan B”, you can rest easy that it will still be a perfect day.

The first point of conversation at all my planning meetings with couples who have chosen to marry outside, is what they plan to do if it pours with rain.

Most brides will have an alternative location already in place, which is amazing, but for those of you who are living out their planning days either crossing your fingers that it won’t rain, or attempting to use the power of prayer, voodoo, positive thinking or threats on someone’s life to prevent it from raining, I can tell you now with absolute certainty, that Melbourne weather is not only ridiculously unpredictable, it doesn’t care how desperately you want that beautiful sunshiny garden wedding and can totally ruin every one of those HOURS you have spent planning and preparing for that one big day.

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You really don’t want to arrive at the ceremony looking spectacular, only to get out of the car and get completely soaked whilst you walk down the aisle. And let’s not forget about your guests and husband to be, who have been waiting that 15-30 minutes prior to your arrival, miserably clutching an umbrella themselves, or huddling under the nearest tree and refusing to come and take a seat so they can be close enough to hear the beautiful ceremony and vows you have spent months perfecting!

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Oh, and just from my perspective as a celebrant, standing in the rain is not an ideal situation for us either. It’s rather difficult to balance our ceremony folder, or device, as well as a microphone and an umbrella all at the same time. And even in the cases of a light shower, our sound systems and legal documents don’t tend to do very well when they get wet either, so without the kind offer of bridal party members or guests to stand up and hold up umbrellas, you may be without sound or have a soggy marriage certificate as a keepsake!

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Some couples will arrange for shelter  in the form of market umbrellas or gazebos, which will be perfect for the days when there’s just some light rain or drizzle, but you will still need to be prepared for the case of heavier rain, as those options will not make any difference when the rain is coming in sideways!

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Many brides are totally against a plan B, as they think its not going to be the ceremony of their dreams if they have to resort to it, but trust me when I say that unless dancing in the rain is your thing (and rainy day wedding photos can of course be absolutely magical!),  getting completely soaked during the legal parts and having grumpy, wet guests arriving at your reception afterwards is by no way going to contribute to that idea of a perfect day.

A lot of venues have some beautiful wet weather options, and if you’re lucky enough to book a venue that provides exclusivity, you can normally select which option you would prefer to go with, only a few hours in advance!

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In other cases, if your venue is not able to provide an alternative rainy day option, they will most likely allow you to move your ceremony into the space you have booked for your reception.

In short, putting a solid wet weather contingency in place, will provide you with absolute peace of mind that no matter what the weather, you will be guaranteed a truly beautiful Plan B that can actually leave your guests thinking it was the Plan A all along! All it needs is a little organising in advance, so that every one of your suppliers can make sure it happens!

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But the most important point to remember is that at the end of the day, regardless of the fact that you have no control over the weather, you will be married to the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, and that’s something the weather will make no difference to!

So if you’re planning an outside ceremony, and you don’t have a wet weather contingency, the following fabulous suppliers can help you to lock in your dream Plan B!
Otherwise just ask your humble celebrant. I’m pretty certain they’ll be able to send you in the right direction. Just for peace of mind x


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