Do I need a Wedding Video?

Discussing wedding suppliers with my couples is always an exciting time for me, as I get to find out who I’ll be working with in the coming months, and can assist couples by recommending all the fabulous industry legends I have come to know and highly respect, based on the excellent quality and standards I have experienced first hand.

(My Recommended Suppliers Directory is here if you’d like to check them out!)

Most couples I meet with have already locked in, or are about to lock in a photographer for their wedding, but I have to admit that I am surprised by just how many are still tossing up whether they need a video as well.

My short answer is if you’re already thinking about it, then yes. I really think you do.

A great wedding videographer will capture the fun banter during all the preparations in the morning, the emotion in your voice as you recite your vows, the crazy loud reaction from your guests when you share your first kiss as a husband and wife, the sensation of your first dance together, the playful nature of any young children who attended, and the sentiments of all the speeches made by yourselves, your family and your friends.

My husband would most likely argue that the haphazard, grainy capture on my brother law’s handicam proved sufficient enough, and in the end, saved us a few dollars and enabled us to get, who was at the time, an amazing photographer, but I can say now with absolute certainty, that if I could do it all again, I would most definitely employ one of the fabulous wedding videographers that exist now.

Video by Humdrum Films

Gone are the days of long winded and boring video’s that feature the romantic strains of Madonna, Whitney Houston and Foreigner, and in their place, are the incredibly fun, candid and cleverly edited captures that flood our social media today!

Before becoming a Marriage Celebrant, I had always entertained the idea that photos were for ever and that video’s were an expensive form of light entertainment that couples would drag out every anniversary and laugh at, but my mind has changed dramtically, and chatting to my lovely hairdresser, Leanne, recently, she mentioned that as there were many guests at her wedding who have since passed away, her wedding video has become an incredibly valuable source of comfort, as she can listen to their voices and experience the hugs, dances and words she shared with all her loved ones past, again and again, any time she wants.

Video by Film My Wedding

A recent bride of mine also mentioned that regardless of how hard she and her husband tried to “live in the moment”, the whole wedding ceremony was such an out of body experience.
“At one point, I remember wondering why I was standing up there, and why all my family and friends were staring at me – and I recall you talking and seeing your lips moving but I don’t remember hearing anything you said! It was such a bizarre but equally incredible experience!”
So I’m guessing they’re  going to be very grateful indeed to have a beautiful professional video to refer to any time they like! 

The following are some amazingly talented teams & individuals who, whilst blending into the surrounds like a video ninja, will have the best quality equipment (as well as know how to use it!) and will totally nail the ability to capture the best and most important moments of your day perfectly.

Video by Nathan Kaso Weddings

Their experience in the industry means they not only understand and embrace the pressure of only having that “one chance” to capture it all, they know exactly how to read a ceremony, position themselves to best capture all the main moments AND how to document your day in a way that allows to re-live it over and over again – both from your perspective and that of your family and friends. They will also be totally fun and awesome and not boring at all 🙂

Humdrum Films
Video Boutique
Burgess Video
Film My Wedding
Lunar Red
Directors Edge
Nathan Kaso Weddings

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Momento Films
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A Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne

Melbourne Celebrant | Jo & Andrew's Eastern Hill Wedding | Photo: www.ninniephotography.comWelcome to my blog!

I have to admit that I was initially quite averse to the idea of blogging, mainly because I naively didn’t think anyone actually read them and wasn’t sure I’d actually have the time to update mine on a regular basis even if they did, but I have since discovered that the world of blogging is a LOT bigger than what I had assumed and have therefore decided that I might need to be a part of it all.

So here I am.

I am a fully authorised marriage celebrant in Melbourne and believe, without a doubt, that I have the best job in the world!

I have always loved weddings and still, in a bottom draw with tons of other random memorabilia from my childhood, have a diary full of wedding ideas, pictures of bridal gowns cut from my mums magazines, photos of the “type” of husband I thought I would marry one day and a bunch of those games I used to play with my friends to find out the name of my future husband – you know, the one where you take the first letter of your favourite colour and the 2nd letter of the suburb where you would like to live etc……..

Here’s a more tech savvy predictor quiz for you…. DO THE QUIZ

ANYWAY, when I finally became engaged over 15 years ago, I put a lot of effort and planning into our special day, carrying out 99.9% of the organising myself. I didn’t have a PC at home and while I did try to sneak in some online searching via the yellow pages into work each day, I pretty much spent every weekend driving around from shop to shop to source suppliers. And I had an absolute ball.

18 months later, I finally married my wonderful husband during one of the best days of our life and then, whilst on our honeymoon, I took to my banana lounge, cocktail in hand and pondered how I could ever re live that most incredible day. “I could become a wedding planner! Of course! I could do all the planning for other couples! Perfect!” And then I fell pregnant with our first child.

Lucky enough to be able to take on my new role as a permanent stay at home mum, thoughts of work took a backseat while I raised my son, realising very quickly that I would most likely never be able to commit to the amount of time I imagined it would take to be a wedding planner!

Melbourne Celebrant Meriki Comito Melbourne Celebrant Meriki Comito

Melbourne Celebrant Meriki Comito


So while planning weddings was now off my list of possible careers, I knew I still wanted to work in the wedding industry and was keeping my options open, when, whilst pregnant with my second son, I was browsing the HeraldSun classifieds when I came across an ad asking me if I would like to become a marriage celebrant.

“Well yes, I think I would! I think that would be an absolutely perfect job for me!”

But it took me another couple of years of raising child number two, until I finally completed my course and received the Attorney Generals tick of approval to become a registered marriage celebrant.

That was four years ago, and apart from now having THREE children (we have a beautiful princess now too!), I conduct about 60 ceremonies a year and couldn’t be happier.

Every ceremony is an absolute joy to be a part of and I absolutely LOVE the diversity of the couples I meet and the ceremonies I help them to create. The life of a celebrant is pretty special.

Melbourne Celebrant | Sandra & Matt's Alowyn Gardens Wedding | Photo: Melbourne Celebrant Meriki Comito

Melbourne Celebrant | Hoa & David's Melbourne Museum Wedding | Photo:


And so, via this blog, I look forward to sharing my experiences as a celebrant with you, including all the laughter, tears, style, romance, and most importantly love, that I am so very privileged to be a part of.

And hopefully, somewhere along the way, I will provide some insight, some inspiration or just some simple browsing enjoyment for any of you who choose to join me on this magical journey.

In Life & Love always ~

Meriki x


Celebrant: Meriki Comito | Simply Celebrant

Photos courtesy of Ninnie Photography, Tiny Sparrows Photography, LJM Photography, Doux Wedding Corp

Locations: Eastern Hill Dining Hall, Werribee Mansion, Williamstown Pier, Alowyn Gardens, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum