Kate + Lars’ Chateau Doré Wedding

As family & friends gathered at Chateau Doré from as far as Germany, Kate & Lars’s ADORABLE baby boy Sebastian arrived dressed in the cutest traditional ‘Lederhosen’ to the absolute delight of every guest, staff member, photographer & celebrant present!!

Grateful for my mother’s Austrian heritage, I was thrilled to be able to welcome Lars’ family in their mother tongue as well as incorporate a few German words into the ceremony itself!

The Meeting

Kate and Lars’ first meeting in Spain was one of those real ‘sliding door’ moments in life, when Kate stopped in Spain at the beginning of a 12 month world trip to join a Spanish language class, and met Lars a few days into her extended stay.

Kate thought Lars looked like a school boy swinging on the back of his chair in the Library, and Lars thought the same thing about Kate after spotting her strolling through the streets with her cute little backpack on! But when they were both invited to join a mutual friend for lunch, they hit it off immediately, and Kate cancelled her other travel plans to spend as much time in Spain with Lars as possible.

Six weeks later, Kate was obliged to continue on her world tour, but both she and Lars knew that their time together was so much more than just a summer romance, and Kate made arrangements to meet Lars on his home ground in Hamburg on December 12th 2009 – six years exactly before they married at the beautiful Chateau Doré in country Victoria.

The Vows

Kate said that she loved Lars’s “genuine & pure love of life and that he sees the very best in every person he meets”, and Lars said that Kate “makes everything you do, feel & experience together absolutely amazing”.

After exchanging rings with a mixture of both German & English vows, Kate & Lars shared one of the most passionate first kisses that I have ever seen to the loudest of cheers!

The Photographer

One of my favourite industry pros, Alli Oughtred, was there to capture it all xx


Kate + Lars | 12.12.2015

Celebrant: Meriki Comito
Ceremony & Reception Location: Chateau Dore
Photography: Alli Oughtred Wedding Photography
Flowers: The Eternal Vase